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Shrink Ray: Hot Wheels Is Looking for Another Custom Car to Turn into a Toy

The search kicks off March 16 in Miami.

Starting this week, Hot Wheels fans will begin showing off their custom cars in the hopes their creation will become the company's next die-cast toy. The 2019 Hot Wheels Legends Tour kicks off Saturday in Miami, Florida, before heading to 17 other cities across the country. The tour ends at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, where one finalist from each city will compete for the prize of seeing their car sold as a toy around the world.

Hot Wheels designers, automotive experts, and—ahem—influencers will judge the custom cars based on three criteria: authenticity, which considers whether a car looks like a true Hot Wheels; creativity, which looks for cars that stand out; and garage spirit, which examines the craftsmanship behind the car. The local events, held at Walmart stores, will also feature activities including racing simulations, pit-stop challenges, photo opportunities, and a Hot Wheels Kid Zone.

The program launched last year for Hot Wheels' 50th anniversary. More than 3,600 cars entered the contest, and more than 65,000 people attended the events. Last year's winner was this custom car, dubbed the 2JetZ, from Luis Rodriguez.

Check out Hot Wheels' website for a full list of cities on the tour this year. And take a gander at the photos below to see some of the action from last year's Legends Tour.