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Honda Previews New Version of Its Adorable Urban EV Concept

The electric car we want most inches closer to production.

Back in 2017, Honda showed off one of the coolest electric car concepts since, well, ever. It was called the Urban EV, and it juxtaposed its state-of-the-art electric powertrain with serious retro CVCC-esque style. At the time, Honda said the Urban EV previewed a future production car, but there was no telling how much it would change before then. Thanks to this new sketch, we now have a better idea, as it previews another step along the way to a salable Urban EV.

The 2017 Honda Urban EV concept.The one image doesn't provide a lot to go on, and the newest concept's name hasn't yet been officially announced, but the Urban EV concept's black grille, rounded headlamps, and black hood garnish have carried over. The styling has gone a little softer, however, so it remains to be seen if the latest version will wow us in the same was the first one did. We do know Honda's new EV concept will be shown at the Geneva motor show in March, and we expect to see another sketch or two before then that could provide more details.

It's worth noting that Honda calls this car "a prototype version of its new electric vehicle." Since the company's concept cars tend to be thinly disguised versions of what will eventually go on sale, what you see in Geneva should basically be what you'll get when this car hits European streets later this year. Here's hoping that car eventually leads to a production version of the Sports EV concept, which was said to be based on the Urban EV, and that both eventually find their way to America.