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Help Fund A Volkswagen Beetle Documentary

Damon Ristau, an independent filmmaker from Missoula, Montana, wants your help to fund his new documentary, "A Bug Movie." Following the success on his previous documentary on the Volkswagen Bus, the new film will tell the story of what Ristau calls, "the most beloved and recognizable vehicle on Earth."

Ristau recently spent several weeks filming in Germany, including time filming a hand-built 1938 Volkswagen Beetle prototype. He calls "A Bug Movie" a prequel to his last film but says the basic idea is the same.

"There's some overlap of characters and story," he told Automobile via email. "'The Bug' will be a larger, more comprehensive story about Volkswagen and the impact of the automobile on humanity."

To pay for "A Bug Movie," Ristau is trying to raise $40,000 on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. If he meets the goal, he'll receive the money -- and donors will receive a DVD copy of the finished film, depending on how much they donate. As of writing, Ristau is more than 75 percent of the way to his goal, with just under $31,000 raised online. The deadline for the fundraiser is this Friday, July 11. Ristau plans to finish the movie by this winter in order to show it at film festivals in 2015.

Ristau's last movie, "A Bus Movie," told the story of the iconic Volkswagen Bus and has been screened at film festivals across the country and internationally.

Check out the trailer for the Volkswagen Beetle documentary "A Bug Movie" below, and visit Ristau's Kickstarter page here.