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Hawaii Chosen as First State to Receive Electric 2012 Mitsubishi i

It's no secret that Mitsubishi's i is finally making its way to the U.S. market, but what state will be the first to receive the little electric vehicles? According to the automaker, that honor is bestowed upon Hawaii.

Consumers across America were able to place a $299 reservation on the 2012 i beginning last week, but those who call the Aloha State home will take delivery of their vehicles far sooner than customers living in other parts of the country. Hawaiian deliveries will kick off in November, shortly before consumers in California, Washington, and Oregon receive there is. The i will arrive in the northeastern corridor by March of 2011, and the remainder of the country before the end of 2012.

As we reported last week, pricing for the U.S.-spec i will start at $27,990. Depending on your perspective, the $7500 Federal tax credit could whittle that figure down to $20,490. Hawaiians have additional cash placed on the hood: in addition to the state's own $4500 tax rebate, Mitsubishi announced it will waive the $99 home inspection fee (required to ensure your electrical supply can handle repeated charging cycles) for the first 2000 customers that place a deposit.

Even without the government-backed spiffs, the i price tag may be attractive to EV shoppers, considering Nissan's Leaf starts at $32,780 before tax rebates come into play. Would you consider the i as a commuter car, especially if your final price (following your federal and state tax returns) was in the neighborhood of $16,000? Is Mitsubishi's pricing right on the money? Send us your thoughts below.

Source: Mitsubishi