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In Grigio: Ferrari Releases More Photos of 2012 FF Shooting Brake

If you're one of the few wishing Ferrari released more images of its new four-wheel-drive wonder wagon, you're in luck. The folks in Maranello just dished out some additional photos of the new 2012 FF shooting brake, which will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Although previous photos showed the car in the company's traditional rosso paint, one new studio shot centers around the FF painted in Grigo Ferro Met. Ferrari says the silvery hue is an "elegant" match for the FF, but we think the vibrant red previously showcased is a better match for the car's chiseled lines.

We'd love to provide you with some photos of the same gray car from other angles, but Ferrari instead sent photos of FF prototypes wearing camouflage -- perfect, perhaps, if you're still not won over by the car's 458 Italia-like front fascia. Like the preview video previously released by the automaker, these photos show FF development cars bombing around snow-covered roads in Finland and Sweden. We're not sure if many FF owners plan on treating their purchase like a rally car, but we're sure many will enjoy having a Ferrari that's usable virtually year-round -- regardless of the climate or weather.

Enthusiasts may still balk at the FF's styling, body style, and driveline, but the idea of a fast Ferrari that could be used as a daily driver 365 days a year is, at the very least, somewhat appealing. Although it's a little early to tell, you be the judge: will the FF prove to be a worthy successor to the 612 Scaglietti, or are Ferrari's engineers barking up the wrong tree? Send us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Ferrari

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