Green Car Cleaning Products – The Greening of Cleaning

For many, going green is a lifestyle commitment. It can touch every part of your life. If you’re into cars and being green, you now have environmentally friendly choices when it comes to automotive cleaning products. Some cleaners can be hard on your skin and equally tough on the environment … you know it’s a bad sign when the lawn dies next to where you wash your car.

Car Planet Products
Walking through the halls of last fall’s 2008 SEMA show, we ran across two guys from Car Planet ( Run by a Messrs Cohen (Larry and Henry), Car Planet products are touted eco safe. While it’s easy to say that a product is green or eco safe, it’s another thing to back up that claim.

On the product description pages for every Car Planet product (there are six products including several cleaners, a tire treatment, and a rain repellent), you’ll find a link to a Material Data Safety Sheet. The MDSS is a government form that runs down many potential health and environmental risks created by the listed product.

As your author writes this story, we’re unable to test the cleaning ability of Car Planet products because it’s 9F and with the wind chill factored in, it’s -22F, not exactly ideal conditions. When things warm up here, we’ll report on their performance. However, one endorsement comes from SEMA, who awarded Car Planet’s all-purpose cleaner with a Gold Medal. One can figure that it must have worked pretty well on a judge’s car to even merit award consideration.

Green Earth Technologies – Not just cleaners
Other entries into the green cleaner market come from Green Earth Technologies. Unlike what the Cohens have started, this is no family operation. Serious dollars and marketing support this company’s products.

Green Earth Technologies ( offers a complete line of American-grown plant-based cleaning and detailing products (seven in all aimed at the automotive market, but the company offers products outside of this category). The company’s products contain no hazardous components (as defined by OSHA), and are so safe they can actually be consumed (although the formulas aren’t designed to taste good). Furthermore, the products achieve the highest standard for biodegradability, so they are harmless when they enter the local water system.

Going the extra mile, the containers for Green Earth Technologies’ products are made from post-consumer recycled materials. Even the ink is used on the label (made from recycled paper) is water based.

At the end of 2008, Green Earth Technologies also introduced a line of green motor oil, called G-Oil. The company has developed a proprietary method of refining animal fat (tallow … also used to make biodiesel) into a high-performance base oil that is competitive with synthetic oils such as Mobil One. The oil meets the API SM, SL, and SJ performance ratings.

Oils based in something other than petroleum have been around for over a century, but because of the relative cheapness and availability of traditional oils, there hasn’t been much call for them.

Showing the market’s acceptance for green oil, the power tool manufacturer Ryobi is now shipping all of its outdoor gas-powered products with Green Oil Technologies’ two- or four-stroke oil products.

If you’re up for trying these products, they have wide availability at retailers across the country, including places like ACE, Home Depot, and even Kroger.