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GM Narrows Down Plants to Build Future Small Car

Last month, GM announced it was planning to reopen one of its idled stamping facilities for production of a future small car. Today, the company released a statement saying that it has narrowed down the list of potential sites to three.

GM factories in Lake Orion, Mich., Spring Hill, Tenn., and Janesville, Wisc., are all reportedly in contention for assembling the new car. Company officials are discussing the selection criteria with government officials from all three states.

The decision to build a future fuel-efficient small car in the U.S. is an important one for GM, as it hopes to produce nearly 160,000 examples of the small car --rumored to be the Chevrolet Spark -- each year. In a statement, GM said it "hope[s] to identify and announce the future production site of the small car within the next several weeks."