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Georgia Mother Pushes 'Newly Licensed' Magnets for Teen Drivers

When Susie Kessler moved from Ohio to Georgia, she had no idea what she sort of driving conditions she was in for--and when she found out, she feared for her teenage son, Donne.

"We lived in Ohio when my other children were learning to drive," Kessler told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "And when we moved to Georgia, oh, the traffic. I think everyone would agree, Georgia drivers are pretty crazy. I was so worried about Donne learning how to drive with all this traffic."

Working with a friend, Kessler came up with a creative idea to protect her son. Donne's mother created a magnet that reads "Newly Licensed", along with a yellow "Caution" sign, to make sure other drivers keep their road rage in check. Now, Kessler wants her idea turned into law.

When asked if she thinks the stickers might have the opposite effect she's hoping for, with people making cars with the stickers targets of road rage, Kessler said she thinks people won't get so worked up after seeing the stickers. She says other parents who have used the same method have given her positive feedback, saying whereas drives used to honk at their teenagers, they now keep their distance.

In addition to the magnet, Kessler has a window decal that cannot be put back in the window once its pulled off, so she'll know if her son, now 16 years old, has taken the it off. If her idea was turned into law, she'd like to see hefty fines for new driverswho remove the magnets and stickers.

As for the embarrassment factor, Kessler says teenagers won't be embarrassed if they have to have the stickers and magnets because it's the law.

And what does Kessler's son think of all this?

"He's like, 'Oh man, all my life all I wanted to do is drive. Why does she have to take on this? Couldn't she be feeding the homeless?'"

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