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Geneva 2013: KTM X-Bow GT Adds Wraparound Windshield, Wipers

Track Special Now Has A Windshield.

The stripped-out, go-kart-like KTM X-Bow has a big problem. Although a competent track toy, the X-Bow's lack of a windshield, windows, and roof make it a pain to drive in anything other than warm, dry weather. Enter the X-Bow GT, which is headed to next week's Geneva Motor Show with a big wraparound windshield, windshield wipers, a heater, and rudimentary doors.

We take some issue with the use of the GT moniker -- it's often used to mean Gran Turismo, signifying a comfortable and luxurious performance machine. Still, the car will be significantly more usable than a standard KTM X-Bow. The presence of doors and windows will make the KTM X-Bow a more useful tool for road driving, rather than simply a fair-weather toy best used for track days.

The GT model will reportedly continue to use the 2.0-liter turbo-four Audi engine of other versions; the X-Bow Street and Clubsport extracts 237 hp from that engine, while the R model manages 296 hp.

Although the KTM X-Bow is not officially sold in the U.S., an importer named British Racing Group LLC will help interested buyers import them as kit cars. No word on if the GT pack will also make its way stateside.

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