2004 Lancia Ypsilon

We bring you the Lancia Ypsilon not because it’s coming to the United States—Lancia’s parent, Fiat, is bleeding billions in red ink and is hardly looking to return here—but because we just thought it looks cool. Many of the three-door hatchbacks you see running around European cities tend to blur blandly together, but the Ypsilon’s compact, well-proportioned body integrates historic Lancia design themes (large upright grille, tall taillamps) and will get noticed when it’s cruising Via Veneto in Rome. In a nod to the previous Lancia Y model, the Ypsilon takes its name from the word denoting the Greek letter Y and will be equipped with a range of tiny four-cylinder engines typical of the European market, including a 70-horsepower diesel.
BOTTOM LINE: As stylish as the new , but nowhere near as powerful, and nowhere near our shores.