General Motors Announces Indefinite Hummer Shutdown to Dealers

Despite a new group's plans to host a "Save Hummer" conference in Chicago later this month, reports have surfaced that General Motors has informed dealers it is preparing to shutter its Hummer brand indefinitely.

GM has been looking to find a buyer for Hummer for some time now, and did almost offload the off-road brand to Sichuan Tengzhong of China. The Chinese government, however, would not allow the sale to happen. Shortly after the rejection, GM announced it would begin winding down the brand while holding discussions with other possible buyers.

That said, it looks as though those talks have also failed. According to a report from, GM told its Hummer dealerships on a conference call this morning that it is preparing to shut the Hummer brand down indefinitely. GM said the dealerships would soon receive letters containing the official announcement and an explanation of the wind-down process.

Although the Hummer brand will be shut down, it is reported that many of Hummer's senior staff have already been reassigned new positions within GM.

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