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Galpin-Fisker Rocket 2015 Ford Mustang Hits L.A. with 725 HP

When renowned designer Henrik Fisker approached his longtime friend and colleague, Galpin Auto Sports manager Beau Boeckmann, with advanced design sketches for a super-tuner 2015 Ford Mustang, the two wasted no time. That was just after the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, back in August. Less than four months later, the 725-hp Galpin-Fisker Rocket is turning heads at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show. Better yet, the two muscle-car maniacs are now preparing to send the super-Mustang into production.

Drawing from the classic Shelby and Ford Mustangs of the 1960's and 1970's, Boeckmann and Fisker built the carbon-fiber-bodied Galpin-Fisker Rocket as neither a replica nor a retro car. The sixties attitude is palpable, but the Rocket's design also builds heavily on the modern lines and cues on the 2015 Ford Mustang GT on which it is based. The familiar Mustang logo gallops across a hexagonal carbon-fiber grille, split horizontally by an aluminum bar. The Galpin-Fisker Rocket's new face sits on top of a carbon-fiber front splitter, which is matched with enlarged front intakes and two massive hood scoops that help cool the car's 725-hp V-8 engine. Custom side skirts, flared fenders, brake-cooling side skirts (for the 15-inch Brembos), a rear diffuser, and a rear decklid spoiler are also included to improve aerodynamics and downforce.

"My favorite Mustang is the 1968 Shelby GT500 that had this long hood and huge air intakes," said Fisker, in a statement. "It gave me butterflies the first time I saw it. We wanted to recreate that feeling with this car."

As impressive as the car looks in person, what's even more impressive is the time frame in which it went from idea to reality. Once the ball started rolling on the Rocket, the partners were dead-set on bringing the car to life. "When [Fisker] showed me that design, I literally got chills," Boeckmann told AUTOMOBILE at the Los Angeles auto show. Galpin Auto Sports would then unveil a one-off tuner 2015 Ford Mustang at SEMA, with the same supercharged, 725-hp V-8 engine.

"We were both high on adrenaline—in a fuel-in-the-blood sort of sense—after Pebble Beach. We said, 'Let's not do just one. Let's build them for real. '"
The adrenaline never abated. It took just six weeks for the two to transform a stick-shift 2015 Ford Mustang into the Galpin-Fisker Rocket debuting in Los Angeles. "When you build things in a totally condensed way, you get the purity and rawness out of it," said Fisker. "We'll appeal to the people who want that kind of ultimate car."

The Galpin-Fisker Rocket is slated to begin official, low-volume production this December. Deliveries will begin in early 2015 to select dealers worldwide.