Galpin Auto Sports Invades the L.A. Auto Show

Tuners beware; this dealership wants your job

Galpin Auto Sports, otherwise known as GAS, is the customization arm of the Galpin dealership network in Southern California, which happens to be one of the largest dealership collectives in the U.S.

At GAS, owners who recently purchased a vehicle from one of Galpin’s dealerships can choose from countless options to tailor their car to their own individual wants. And, over the last few years, Galpin has increased GAS’ presence at the Los Angeles auto show to show off exactly what is capable with GAS and the owner’s bank account.

Originally, the dealership shared space with exotics, concept cars from startups, and other esoteric things that couldn’t get a space on the show’s massive floor. Now, the little room has been expanded and taken over by the company, pushing those tiny companies to the fringes of the show. Here, it can now show off a handful of modified vehicles created from its multiple dealership marques.

This year, Galpin not only brought its normal plethora of modified new vehicles, but a few “period correct” older vehicles, including the Pink Panthermobile, a bed/car with a Shelby crate engine and a single seat for the driver designed by legendary hot-rodder George Barris, and a host of supercars from Lotus, Aston Martin, and Spyker.

As we’re huge fans of tastefully modified automobiles, supercars, and anything from Barris, we made a beeline towards the Galpin room to drool and plead with the car’s owners to let us drive anything and everything they had at the show, including a Volkswagen bus done up like The Mystery Machine from “Scooby Doo.”

Here are some of our favorite photos from the Galpin Hall of Customs.