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Four Things to Love About the 2019 Toyota Avalon

Adaptive suspension, exhaust tuning, and infotainment fixes

Despite declining sales as buyers continue to shift toward SUVs, Toyota put a lot of noticeable effort into the redesign of the full-size Avalon sedan. Much like the 2018 Camry, the 2019 Toyota Avalon brought a much-needed update to a very outdated model. This is a ground-up redesign, and brought with it a bundle of extra technology that makes the Avalon one of the most desirable in its segment. Here are four of our favorite new features.

Adaptive Suspension

According to Toyota, the 2019 Avalon's optional adaptive suspension is a Toyota-first. We've enjoyed adaptive suspension on Lexus' for quite some time now, so this should be a well-executed system. The driver determines the stiffness through the various driving modes, ranging from Normal to "Sport+," which conceivably adjusts the throttle mapping, transmission shift points, and stiffness of the suspension.

Even if you don't spring for the adjustable suspension option, this is likely the sharpest driving Avalon to date, thanks to the TNGA underpinnings with multilink rear suspension.

Apple CarPlay

Finally, it looks like Toyota is embracing the future of infotainment. The Japanese automaker had stubbornly refused to offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on any of its cars, instead relying on its moderately convoluted and clunky in-house interface.

The new Avalon is the first Toyota with Apple CarPlay, hopefully opening the floodgates for future availability across the model range.

Cognac Interior

Just like the 2018 Camry's Cockpit Red leather package, the Avalon's new Cognac leather color shows Toyota is working hard to shake the cobwebs of complacency off. It's a sharp package, incorporating unique textures and patterns on the door panels and seatback.

Active Exhaust and Sound Symposer

While fake induction and exhaust noise isn't exactly something we support, the inclusion of these systems on the new Avalon is interesting, to say the least. Of all the cars offered for 2019, the Avalon would be the least likely candidate for an aggressive exhaust note. Well, here we are, with a new Avalon that offers "a hearty 'flare' of sound [that] occurs right before idle upon start up." Sure, why not.