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Ford Sets New World Record for Biggest Hot Wheels Track Loop

A miniature Ford Mustang lapped the 12-foot loop.

The Ford Mustang has set a new world record, although it's one that applies only to scaled-down toy versions of the Mustang. Using a Hot Wheels Mustang, Ford engineers beat the record for the biggest Hot Wheels track loop.

The idea for the stunt was born when Ford engineer Matt West built increasingly elaborate Hot Wheels tracks and loops with his 6-year-old son. Eventually, other Ford engineers got wind of the project, and decided to see just how big a loop-the-loop they could make.

Ford set up a Hot Wheels loop measuring 12 feet, 6 inches in diameter in the atrium of its Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan. To set the record, a Ford Mustang toy car, released by a child participating in Take Your Child to Work Day, shot down a vertical section of track before zipping around the loop. Ford's track handily beat the existing record for the biggest Hot Wheels loop, which was 9 feet, 9 inches.

"On a track, a Hot Wheels car can only go so fast, so carrying the momentum of the vehicle through an entire loop is harder than you might think," West said in a statement. "I thought teaching my son with actual moving vehicle models would be so much more rewarding, and then it took on a life of its own."

While a scaled-down Ford Mustang Hot Wheels toy set this record, the car's cross-town rival, the Chevrolet Camaro, was briefly available in a limited-run Hot Wheels edition that made the life-size pony car look just like the popular children's toy.