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Ford, Ram, GM Hit Twitter to Convince Jimmy Fallon To Buy Their Truck

You'd think the vehicle of choice of most celebrities would be a six-figure prestigious name like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari or Porsche. But the vehicular ambitions of new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon are a bit more down-to-earth. Earlier this week, Fallon said he was thinking of buying a pickup, and did an impromptu poll of the audience to ask what they thought he should get. An audience member yelled out "Ford F-150." When Fallon asked how big it was, the guest responded "Big Enough" which became the running gag of the evening. But both Ram and Chevrolet took to Twitter to try to get Fallon's attention for their truck offerings, according to Automotive News.

Chevrolet quickly followed up with a suggestion he take a look at the Silverado, and Ram went so far as delivering a Ram 1500 to outside the NBC studios in Rockefeller Center, inviting Fallon to take it for a test drive. Fallon said he's considering some non-domestic truck brands as well, such as Nissan and Toyota, but the overwhelming favorite of his Twitter followers so far is reportedly the Ford F-150. While it may seem odd a New York-based celebrity would want a pickup truck in the notoriously densely-populated metropolis, when you make more per show than most of the rest of the country makes in an entire year, you can buy whatever the heck you want, including a pickup truck.