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Ford GT Production Extended by an Additional Two Years

Third year is for waitlisted applicants, fourth year is open to all

If you were one of the 6,006 rejected applicants for the upcoming Ford GT supercar, wipe your tears away with that stack of 100-dollar bills and dust off your GT application, as you just might have another shot at the exclusive supercar.  At this year's Pebble Beach concours, Ford announced an additional two years of production to fill the large amount of remaining demand.

Initially, 6,506 rabid applicants filled out the paperwork and online forms required for consideration. Initially, Ford claimed just 500 buyers would get a set of keys over two model years, leaving 6,006 applicants to post disappointed videos, messages, and blog posts online, sadly displaying their sob-stained rejection letters.

Now, the American automaker confirmed two more years of additional GT production, giving interested parties another shot at the supercar. Ford claims this additional production is the direct result of its recent decision to field the GT race car in both IMSA and the World Endurance Championship for a total of four years, and not because 6,006 spoiled millionaires whined about missing out on their 80th piece of garage art.

The third year of production will most likely run through 2018, and will automatically include those who were initially placed on a waitlist. Order books for the final model year, presumably 2019, will open in early 2018. If you're dreading filling out all the paperwork again, don't worry; Ford claims applicants need only to "update their request."

If you are still rejected for the fourth model year, tough break. I guess you will have to make do with the new Ferraris, Aston Martins, McLarens, or Lamborghinis that populate your garage.