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Ford GT Application Window Closes With 6,506 Completed Submissions

Those who are rejected must settle for Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or McLarens

If you were one of the many people hoping to park a new Ford GT in your garage, we have some rather grave news. The month-long deadline for the Ford GT application is closed, with 6,506 completed applications turned in.

Ford made it clear from the get-go that it isn't enough to have piles of cash laying around if you wanted to get behind the wheel of its newest supercar. Potential buyers had to spill the beans on their personal and professional life, including details on what cars they own, which Ford vehicles they own, their preferred dealer, their involvement in charitable organizations, and social media presence. Ford even included a section to make a public plea for a Ford GT with a video, image, or written note.

The kicker? Despite participating in this intense vetting process, a completed application does not guarantee an allotment, but instead places you somewhere in a long line of interested buyers. Initially, Ford is only producing 500 GT's, so 6,006 depressed applicants will have to drive home in their Ferrari, Lamborghini, or any other assorted exotica they happen to own.

Ford previously stated they had received over 7,000 applications in the middle of last month, but they shared the total amount of applications that were merely started, not completed. In the end, a whopping 6,506 turned in fully prepared GT applications.

Ford has the unenviable process of informing wealthy folks that they won't be able to add a new GT to their garage, following the application review in the next 90 days. For those lucky 500 who cut the mustard, the automaker hopes to begin deliveries of the supercar by the end of 2016.