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Ford Dealer in Minnesota Offering Gun Voucher with Truck Purchase

You've probably heard the joke about the template for writing a country music song lyrics starts with a pickup, a gun, and a hound dog, and sometimes your girl leaving you. Well, this latest story covers two out of those four. Muscatell Burns Ford in Hawley, Minnesota, just outside Fargo, North Dakota, is hoping to heat up its winter sales with a two-week promotion giving buyers of new or used trucks a $350 voucher toward the purchase of equipment at a local sporting goods store, according to Automotive News. Among the items that can be purchased with the voucher is, you guessed it, a hunting rifle.

The dealership, located near the border of Minnesota and North Dakota, is giving a $350 voucher toward the purchase of sporting goods, including firearms from a local outdoor accessory store. Nothing about the promotion is in violation of any state and federal laws, as customers that redeem the voucher for a firearm still need to pass a background test before they can take possession of a firearm. The $350 credit can also be applied to the purchase of a new or used truck from the dealership.

Much of the U.S. was hit with unusually fierce winter weather in January and February, and Muscatell Burns still has a large inventory of trucks on its lot, so the promotion was seen as a way to increase customer interest in buying a truck.

Dealerships are technically independent businesses that enter into franchise agreements with the manufacturers, so there's little that Dearborn can do to discourage seasonal promotions that may be perceived by some as controversial. Representatives from the dealership say a significant number of its customers are outdoorsmen and hunters, and trucks represent a majority of the dealership's sales, so it saw it as an effective way to relate to its core customers.