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Florida Dad Sells Son’s SUV on Craigslist for Smoking Pot

Tough love helped mend this father/son relationship

Rebellion is sometimes a part of growing up, but for one disrespecting teen, a grounding and limited privileges just weren't enough to straighten him out. Allan Gieger from Jacksonville, Fla., sold his son's SUV on Craigslist to teach him a lesson.

According to Gieger, not only was his son being disrespectful, he was smoking weed and acting like a thug. "I've been having some issues with my son over the past year," said Gieger to CNN. "I don't want to see him struggle the way I did."

Gieger originally bought the 1998 Ford Explorer for his son on his 16th birthday so he could drive himself to school and work, but his son used his new car for other things. The younger Gieger would smoke pot, take his friends for rides, and didn't appreciate what his parents had given him.

The ad embarrassingly calls out the son's behavior as it describes the condition of the SUV, shaming the teen for neglecting its upkeep in favor of buying more marijuana. The father makes it very clear that he doesn't believe his son deserves this car, and even offered to take $250 off the asking price if the buyer was local so that his son could see his former ride driving around town.

The ad was only on Craigslist for two hours before the Explorer sold, and while Gieger's son is upset that the SUV is gone, it definitely had an impact on him. Gieger told CNN that "It's been an eye-opening experience. He's started talking to me about helping him reach his new set of goals."

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You can check out the original ad here.