Ferrari Wants To Line Up 1000 Ferraris For World Record Rally

If you thought that one Ferrari world record was plenty for this summer, think again. Ferrari has signed up over 1000 cars in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Ferraris ever.

Last month, 60 Ferrari F40s lined up during the Silverstone Classic in Britain to set the record for the longest parade of the 25-year-old supercar. Now Ferrari is looking to set the record for all Ferrari models come September. The automaker previously set the world record in 2007 with 490 cars; however, this year, it is looking to double that and rally over 1000 cars to the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, one of the few raceways that can fit over 1000 cars on the track at one time. Right now, Ferrari has over 600 cars registered for the event, but doesn’t doubt that it will have any problem securing the additional 400.

The record-breaking attempt will occur at the start of Ferrari Racing Days, which is scheduled for September 15. The event is the only time the Italian automaker will bring out the ultra-rare FXX and 599XX supercars in the U.K. And not only will Ferrari create quite a spectacle, but the record-breaking bid will also be for a good cause: £5 (about $8) per car will be donated to BEN, which provides residential care to those in the auto industry.

What Ferrari would you bring to the rally? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Ferrari

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