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This Is the Gorgeous One-Off Ferrari P80/C

Commissioned by a collector, it's based on the 488 GT3 race car.

Ferrari introduced its latest mid-engine supercar, the F8 Tributo, a couple of weeks ago; it's an evolution of the 488 GTB with new bodywork, more power, and next-level performance and handling. But now that we've seen the one-off P80/C, the F8 Tributo feels like old news.

Built for one Ferrari collector, the P80/C started life as a 488 GT3 race car back in 2015. According to Ferrari, the collector wanted the look of his new car to be inspired by the Ferrari 330 P3/P4 and the 1966 Dino 206 S. The all-new bodywork was created by the Ferrari Styling Center with input from both the engineering and aerodynamics teams, and since it would be a track-only car that needn't be homologated for any specific series, there were basically no restrictions on what the designers could do. As you can see, they went wild.

Ferrari didn't say anything about price, but from the sound of it, the cost of the P80/C had to be eye-watering. Not only is it a one-off, but according to the press release it "had the longest development time of any Ferrari one-off made to date." Even the powertrain was reportedly customized to meet the customer's specifications. The result is a long, low car with no headlights, an extreme aero package, and a look that won't be mistaken for any other car on the track—or anywhere else.

We wish Ferrari had provided more performance specs, as for now there's no word on which engine is installed, how much power it makes, or how the car compares in terms of performance to the 488 GT3 race car on which it's based. All we know is that the aerodynamics have been improved by about five percent.

Per the customer's request, the P80/C can be configured in two slightly different ways. For track work, it rides on 18-inch wheels and sports the massive wing you see above. But for display purposes, the track wheels can be replaced with 21-inch alternatives, and much of the aero kit can be removed "to highlight the purity of its forms." As gorgeous as the P80/C is in photos, hopefully we'll eventually get a chance to see it in person someday soon.