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Ferrari 458 "Broke Left and Right" When Testing Against Acura NSX

The eternal Italian struggle.

Remember that Acura sourced two Ferrari 458 coupes for benchmarking development of its all-new NSX supercar? We knew that one of the Italian machines was torn down so Acura could study Ferrari's manufacturing, but the other was reserved for performance testing. It turns out that the 458 didn't hold up so well to Acura's barrage of tests.

"The thing broke left and right throughout testing," an Acura spokesperson told AUTOMOBILE at the Detroit auto show. "As you might imagine, the NSX will hold up much better, in typical Honda fashion."

It seems that as much as things have changed since the NSX first rocked the supercar world sideways back in the early 1990s, they've also stayed the same to some degree. While exotic supercars have absolutely come a long way in the last 25-plus years, they're still a fair bit more temperamental than your average sports car. If the new NSX carries the same reputation for reliability as the original, we could see history repeating itself.

We also learned that the Acura NSX isn't a one-trick pony. We can expect different NSX models to follow the debut of the hybrid coupe, be they higher-performance variants or alternative body styles. "From the get-go, the NSX was a car that we weren't going to build and then just leave be," an Acura spokesperson told AUTOMOBILE.

As it is, we can barely wait for this new 2017 Acura NSX to hit the streets. As we said after our first drive, "The new NSX is as contrarian and occasionally conservative as the parent company itself. And it absolutely earns the NSX moniker." Pre-orders are not being officially accepted at the moment, but Acura tells us demand is very high. It goes on sale this spring from $157,800.