Our Friend and Fellow Automotive Journalist Davey G. Johnson Is Missing

Please contact authorities if you have any information.

Davey G. Johnson, our friend and colleague, is missing. He was last heard from early Wednesday morning while riding along the Sonora Pass in California (Route 108 to Route 49). Police from Calaveras County and Amador County have been searching since Saturday, and as of this writing search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

According to fellow journalist and close friend of Johnson Abigail Bassett, who has been posting updates via Facebook and Instagram, the Honda CB1000R he was riding was found in good condition at a rest stop off Route 49 near Mokelumne Hill. On Saturday, June 8, Johnson’s clothing, backpack, cell phone, and laptop were found near the river. His wallet was not recovered, however. Police are now searching by boat and helicopter.

David Gordon Johnson is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and around 200 pounds, with salt-and-pepper hair and beard. If you have seen him, or have knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department at (209) 754-6500. We’re hoping for his safe return.

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UPDATE 4: 11:16 AM PT, Sunday, June 9 Search and rescue continues. 45 people from both counties are searching along with 2 boats and a helicopter. The Sacramento PD is sending someone to Davey's house to check there and possibly force entry. No request for volunteers as the counties work the investigation. Please continue to share any info with the Calaveras County Sheriff (209) 754-6500. Please note, I am in close contact with primary sources. Anything I post here, on Twitter or FB is confirmed with those sources. UPDATE 3: 2:09 PM Saturday, June 8 Calaveras County Sheriff Dept has confirmed that they have found Davey's clothing, backpack, cell and laptop near the river. His wallet is missing. If anyone has info about his cell carrier and/or banking & cc info please DM me. UPDATE 2: 11:50 AM Saturday, June 8 Search & Rescue is underway. Both Amador and Calaveras Counties are working together. CHP is flying both sides of the river near Big Bar Launch. All updates posted here, on FB & Twitter are confirmed with primary sources. Any leads/sightings should be reported to Calaveras County Sheriff: (209) 754-6500 UPDATE 12:19AM Saturday, June 8: The police have found the bike. It was parked outside of a rest area off Rt 49 near Mokelumne Hill. No Davey but the bike is fine. His backpack, cell, wallet and computer are missing and the local police department will be launching a robust search tomorrow morning. ****MISSING PERSON ALERT**** This is my friend Davey Johnson (@daveygjohnson) and I'm trying to help @jaclyntrop find him. Name: David Gordon Johnson He is 5'10" and around 200 lbs. Grey hair and riding a Honda CB1000R press bike (mfg plate 3421). Last contact was somewhere along the Sonora Pass (Rt 108 to Rt 49) around 2:11am PT on Wednesday morning. He's been out of touch with everyone we know, since. The police have pinged his cell and the last location was Amador County, CA around 8 am on Wednesday morning. Nothing since. We've called hotels and hospitals in the area and still no Davey. The case is now with Calaveras County.

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