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Feature Flicks: Ferrari LaFerrari Compilation

One of the undisputed hits of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show was Ferrari's eponymous LaFerrari flagship, which combines cutting edge F-1 inspired hybrid technology with good ol' authentic Modena Metric displacement in the form of a honking V-12 engine for a whopping total of 950 horsepower. For those of you that just can't get enough of this multi-million dollar ultra-exotic, we've compiled several video focusing on various aspects of the car's development, design and engineering.

Behind the Scenes

This video shows the camera crew and drivers working on the making of the official launch video for the car in Geneva. No great surprises here, but for fans of this ultra-exotic, every little bit of footage is worth watching.

Vehicle Architecture

This video takes a look at development of the overall architecture of the LaFerrari, from the standpoint of aerodynamics, powertrain, and cabin space, with special attention on the challenges of packaging the car's HY-KERS hybrid drivetrain.

Vehicle Dynamics

In this video, the integration and interaction between the respective sub-systems of the LaFerrari are looked at, and how together, they result in significant improvements over the performance over the Enzo.

KERS Hybrid System

In this video, Ferrari takes a deep dive into the HY-KERS high-performance hybrid system, as well as the engineering of the V-12 engine. It also gives a brief tease of the "legendary Ferrari sound" of the LaFerrari V-12 engine.

Chassis Focus

As you'd expect, a great deal of the Ferrari LaFerrari chassis is comprised of Carbon Fiber. This video takes a look at the development of the car's ultra-lightweight chassis, as well the influence of Formula One race car development on the LaFerrari's chassis.

Development & Design

This non-narrated clip shows some of the predecessors of the LaFerrari , including the Enzo, F40 and GTO, drivers in racing simulators, and stylists penning its dramatic lines.

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