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Feature Flick: The Making of the Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX50

Since the Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition's public reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, more details have trickled out about the über-exclusive luxury SUV. We've since learned that it will be priced well into the six-figure realm, that it has an extra-obnoxious exhaust volume setting, and that only 200 would be built, none of them destined for the U.S. What more is there to learn about the vehicle? Infiniti put together a seven-minute mini-documentary on YouTube showing the development of the vehicle from idea, to sketches, to the final product. It also shows the level of global collaboration on the project from Europe to Japan, culminating in its enclosure in a shipping crate bound for the Frankfurt show.

Shiro Nakamura, Infiniti Senior VP and Chief Creative officer, described the common thread between himself and Vettel, passion for design and passion for cars. Shinii Sasaki, Infiniti chief designer at the brand's global design center in Yokohama, Japan, commented on his observation of how much airflow and downforce factored into the design of the race car, and how that inspiration was factored into the design of the Vettel-edition FX50 project.

The seven-minute video shows the short timeframe between the idea stage and the finished product, with initial sketches and consultation taking place in March 2012, to the finished product rolling onto the stage in Frankfurt in September. Watch the video below!

Source: YouTube