Feature Flick: See the Future Guy Responsible for 2013 Dodge Dart Tech

If you've sat in a 2013 Dodge Dart, the large and bright TFT screen in the instrument panel probably caught your eye. A new video from Dodge creatively explains how the technology was developed.

In the 30-second ad dubbed "How to Make the Most Hi-Tech Car," Dodge shows how the Dart instrument panel's TFT screen was made. First, Dodge claims, you start with nothing and then build a car from scratch. Next comes a time machine that pulls "Future Guy" from the year 3000, who travels back to 2012 to create the TFT screens. Finally, you send him back and destroy the time machine.

We're pretty much in agreement with all the steps expect the first step, since the Dart wasn't built from scratch but based on a modified Alfa Romeo Giulietta chassis.

The commercial spot will first air on September 5, just in time for the NFL season. It's based on a longer ad that aired a few months ago titled, "How To Change Cars Forever." That spot explains how the birth of the Dodge Dart and includes an appearance by NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who also makes a cameo in the second ad.

Source: Dodge

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