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Feature Flick: Scottish Grand Touring in the Bentley Continental GT

If you were to ask most people to describe their ideal vacation destination, many would name a tropical locale with sun-drenched beaches, fruity rum drinks, and scuba diving or snorkeling. But for Motor Trend magazine senior features editor Jonny Lieberman, Scotland is the location for his so-called "million dollar vacation." But despite the gray, rainy weather, the country has its charms, and Jonny embarks on his tour in the new Bentley Continental GT V-8, in this episode of Epic Drives.

The journey starts out in Scotland's capital of Edinburgh, and although historic and enchanting in its own right, not the best place to test a high-powered grand touring machine like the Bentley Continental GT. So after being outfitted with the requisite Scottish attire of a bespoke-tailored kilt by Howie Nicholsby, proprietor of 21st Century Kilts, Jonny sets out in the Bentley to some other well-known attractions and sites of Scotland.

Although a self-admitted non-golfer, Jonny nonetheless pays homage to St. Andrews, the birthplace of modern-day golf. And by modern-day, we do mean nearly 500 years ago. But what trip to Scotland would be complete without a trip to the reported lair of one of the most legendary mythical creatures on earth? Of course, we're talking about Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness monster, affectionately referred to by locals as "Nessie."

Finally, Jonny steers the Bentley to his final, and most anticipated destination, The Macallan distillery. Located in Speyside, the region is also renowned for its fishing in the river Spey. Although Jonny has been told by many that he has the best job in the world, he confesses he wouldn't mind being a whisky maker.

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