Feature Flick: Rhys Millen Drifts Through Hyundai’s Old Headquarters

Eat your heart out, Ken Block. Stuntman, rally driver, and professional drifter Rhys Millen knew just what to do with his Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car once he found out Hyundai was demolishing its old headquarters in California: drift through the demolition and create an epic drift video.

The video starts with Millen eyeing Hyundai’s soon-to-be-demolished former headquarters and his Genesis drift car from the safety of his custom Equus on the 405. Not long after, he returns with a Ford F-150, a trailer, a ski mask, and some lock cutters to get his baby out. Millen’s caught by a doughnut-eating security guard, and that’s when all heck breaks loose. Millen hops in his Genesis Coupe drift car and makes Hyundai HQ his playground as he drifts around, and inside the building, in an effort to avoid the security guard and his golf cart.

While the video may not have the production value of Gymkhana 4, there’s no arguing its entertainment value, or Millen’s otherworldly car control skills. Enjoy.

Click here for video

Source: YouTube