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Feature Flick: Power-To-Weight 101 – Compact Car vs. Police Bike, Bike Wins

The Russians have made dashcam videos famous, but even before our comrades created the video meme, police departments in the U.S. started employing video cameras on its patrol vehicles and officers to protect themselves, as well as citizens from abuses and false accusations. Today, we get a perspective of a rural high-speed chase from the vantage point of the officer. Of the three videos on the Florence, Alabama Police Department YouTube channel, this one is the runaway hit with over 2 million views since it was posted last week.

It's the pursuit of a late-model Mazda 3 sedan by a motorcycle patrol officer, riding what appears to be a BMW R 1200 RT-P police-duty motorcycle. These law-enforcement workhorses have become more popular across the country, displacing the formerly ubiquitous Kawasaki KZ1000P in many departments.

But before going too far in the weeds about the history and technicalities of police bikes, the simple fact is, unless you're driving a Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C, or Corvette ZR1, and even if you are, motorcycles generally enjoy a vastly superior power-to-weight ratio to cars, even ultra-high performance cars. This suspect found out the Mazda's 148 hp carrying around 3000 lb was no match for the BMW's 109 hp hauling 800 (estimated weight of bike's wet weight + 200 lb rider).

People have various opinions of law enforcement, and especially just after having received a traffic citation. But the inescapable fact is, evading police in pursuit rarely ends well. The violations, as you can hear verbally in this video, continue to rack up, adding to the civil and criminal penalties, and making the outcome that much worse when you finally get apprehended. Yes kids, it's a bummer to get a traffic ticket, but trying to run away from it doesn't make things better.

Source: YouTube