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Feature Flick: Mitsubishi i Redefines Normal With New Ad Campaign

Mitsubishi's i electric car is anything but normal -- the petite hatchback is all-electric and shaped similar to a jelly bean. To help promote the new electric, the manufacturer has placed 1000 of the cars in Normal, Illinois, to turn Anytown, U.S.A into EVTown, U.S.A.

In the two-and-a-half minute commercial for the i, Mitsubishi shows off the town of Normal filled with people using the i for their daily errandsin the picturesque town of 52,500. It goes on to take a twist on the definition of normal, using the tagline "This is the new Normal" - speaking to both the cars' transformation of the town itself, along with the mainstream availability of EVs in our market.

On top of doling out the i's for use by the citizens of Normal, Mitsubishi has also worked with the town to install 30 Level 3 quick-charge stations around town. Normal was picked not just for its name, but also because the automaker's only U.S. plant is located within the town's borders. Mitsubishi has ended production of the Eclipse, Galant, and Endeavor at the plant, and will begin building the Outlander Sport there within the next year or two.

The Mitsubishi i will go on sale later this year starting at $22,475, including destination and a $7500 federal tax credit.

Check out the video below and MitsubishiCars.com/Normal for more info.

Source: Mitsubishi, YouTube

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