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Feature Flick: Justin Bell Flogs 2013 Ford Shelby SVT Raptor in Desert

Few trucks of the past few years have established such a mythical reputation and enthusiastic following as the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. Even going on four years after its introduction, the truck is as popular as ever. Of course, popular performance platforms from the factory often spawn further performance enhancements from the aftermarket, and such has been the case with the Raptor as well. Justin Bell traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, home of Shelby American, to test its latest creation, the Ford Shelby SVT Raptor.

Bell explains how Shelby built their reputation on speed and light weight with the original Shelby Cobra and subsequent Shelby-tuned Mustangs. "Lightweight" is the last word he'd use to describe the Raptor, which tips the scales at over three tons. Although it doesn't fit into Shelby's historic mold, the performance-tuned truck has become so popular, it now accounts for 30 percent of the company's specialty vehicle production.

Bell calls the Shelby Raptor "surprisingly responsive" and says the Whipple supercharger, bringing horsepower up from 411 to 575 and the Borla exhaust, allowing the driver to feel and hear the throttle inputs as being "pretty manly." He admits driving it around in a confined urban environment, it drives like a schoolbus, but unleashed in its native environment, it's "magnificent." Watch the entire video below, and be sure to watch "World's Fastest Car Show" every Friday on the Motor Trend Channel.