Feature Flick: Infiniti F1 Racing Ad with Sebastian Vettel and an Infiniti FX50

Sebastian Vettel stars in Infiniti’s new F1 TV spot. In the ad, the racer approaches his Red Bull Racing F1 car waiting in the pit garage, buts he gets closer, something seems to change.

As he peers through the window at the race car, what appears to be the digitized soul of the race car emerges in a purple haze from the garage and surrounds Vettel. It soon materializes into the form of a purple FX50 around Vettel. Once the crossover finishes its transition, Vettel speeds away down the track.

No doubt, the TV spot is more than just an advertisement for the 2012 F1 season, but also suggests that Nissan’s motorsports investments pay off in the form of production-car advances. While the FX is an updated version of the crossover, it’s not the $155,000 special-edition Infiniti FX50 Vettel and the Red Bull Racing team helped develop. Vettel’s crossover has been tweaked with more power and a higher top speed, as well as a sportier chassis tuning.

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