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Feature Flick: Hot Rod Drag Week, The Untold Story

Coverage of motorsports often focuses mainly on the top competitors, and when there's drama, it's usually some fender-to-fender action on the oval track, followed by some trash-talking and physical altercations between ridiculously overpaid celebrity drivers. But the world of grass-roots, amateur drag racing is a much different scene, with a level of camaraderie you don't often see in the big leagues. And there's nothing "amateur" about these cars and their drivers, putting down pro-level numbers with low-key, unadorned door-slammers that competed at this year's Hot Rod Drag Week.

It was clear early on that the battle for the top spot would be between Jeff Lutz in his 1957 Chevy Bel-Air and four-time Hot Rod Drag Week champ Larry Larson in his 1966 Chevy Nova, but dozens of other cars from an twin-turbo LSX-powered Ford Pinto, an 8-second Ford Fairmont wagon, and several turbocharged and naturally-aspirated Chevy Camaros made an appearance at Hot Rod Drag Week, making for a competitive and entertaining week for drivers and spectators alike.

Through broken rockers, busted shocks, blown rear ends and overheated engines, just a handful of cars made it to the end. Watch this week's episode of Roadkill for the full Hot Rod Drag Week experience. Stay tuned to the Motor Trend channel for the latest in original automotive enthusiast programming.

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