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Feature Flick: Honda Commercial Highlights Company's Entire Range

Creative Honda ad shows entire range.

A new video from Honda shows the breadth of the company's products. Called "Hands," the inventive clip ostensibly shows the imagination of a Honda engineer who dreams up various different products.

The clip opens with the Honda engineer picking up a nut and imagining twisting it into an early motorcycle. The engineer's disembodied hands then twist, stretch, squash, and reshape the motorcycle into a variety of different models, before creating a yellow version of the original Honda Civic. That hatchback is transformed into all manner of different cars, including the FCX Clarity fuel-cell car, the new CR-V crossover, the original NSX sports car, and even a vision of the upcoming 2015 Acura NSX.

Along the way, various other Honda products make small appearances: a leaf blower blasts away confetti, an ATV traverses the engineer's hand, an early staggering robot gives way to the modern ASIMO humanoid, and even the forthcoming HondaJet appears.

The "Hands" video follows a long line of simple yet memorable Honda commercials that include the award-winning "Cog." That spot, which aired nearly a decade ago in Europe, showed a Rube Goldberg-inspired contraption created from the individual components of a 2003 Honda Accord. It was recently voted the second-best car commercial of the last 25 years.

Source: YouTube