Feature Flick: Dodge Dart Commercial Explains "How to Change Cars Forever"

It's time for the first TV commercial for the Dodge Dart, and the spot comes with an ambitious goal. Called "How to Change Cars Forever," the commercial shows all of the steps required to design and produce the new Dodge Dart.

Styled after a fast-paced instructional video, the commercial shows designers and engineers working on the various steps in the Dodge Dart sedan's development. We see clay models of the car, early prototypes being scraped, and board-room arguments over pricing and features. There are even nods to the Dodge Dart's $15,995 base price (before destination), and the promised 41-mpg Aero model.

Based on this clip, Dodge engineers drink huge amounts of coffee, wake up at 5 a.m., and work late nights and weekends. It seems all those steps shown in the clip paid off, as we were impressed when we recently drove a 2013 Dodge Dart. "Making a groundbreaking car," intones the narrator, "It's that easy."

The commercial is light-hearted but memorable, and underlines that Dodge is betting the farm on the Dart being a success in the crowded compact-sedan segment.The 90-second clip embedded below makes its TV debut tomorrow night during the MLB All-Star Game. For the rest of the summer, 30- and 60-second versions will be shown on TV and in movie theaters.

Sources: YouTube, Chrysler

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