Feature Flick: BMW Rearview Camera Reveals How Teen’s Date Really Feels

As a teenage boy, it’s important to learn how to be polite and courteous to women, and prom night is the one night to showcase all those good manners. The teen in the video below seems to have it right when he greets his prom date, but the BMW’s  rearview camera rats out his true intentions.

The guy does all the right things a gentleman should do when picking up his date for prom: He greets her at the doorstep, hands her a flower, and opens and closes the car door for her. She seems to really be into him while he’s making his way around the car, but when he stops behind the BMW 5 Series to pull a very ungentlemanly maneuver, she sees everything on the rear-cam and appears not impressed. Once the teen gets back in the car, he looks a little confused by the scowl on his date’s face, and realizes he’s been royally busted after he sees she had a clear view of what played out behind the car. Lucky for him, though, she liked what she saw.

Watch what happens in the video below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video


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