Feature Flick: Alfa Romeo 4C Storms Through The States

There’s a good chance you saw the white and red Alfa Romeo 4C coupes that debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show – but unless you were present at Alfa’s press conference, chances are you didn’t watch the official launch video for the 4C. Pity, since the clip’s actually pretty good.

To celebrate the fact the 4C marks Alfa’s return to the United States, the launch film places a white 4C smack dab in what looks to be the American southwest. As jangly, Spaghetti Western-esque theme music blares in the background, the 4C rips, snorts, and dances its way through the desert and on to the coast, infatuating children and intoxicating beautiful women (hey, it is an Italian car commercial, after all) along the way. We like the closing scene, where the 4C comes home and parks in front of a garage filled with vintage Alfa sheetmetal, including a Zagato-bodied Giulia TZ, a wild T33, and the immortal Spyder Duetto. 

Is this all a bit too dramatic? Absolutely. But does it make us long for a 4C even more, and breathlessly wait for the day 4Cs roll into select Fiat showrooms in North America? Absolutely.

Source: YouTube 

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