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Feature Flick: 2400 hp Monsters Compete for First Place in Hot Rod Drag Week

The Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta may have gotten headlines for their 700+ hp outputs, but the power produced by these Italian stallions is a pittance compared to the horses produced by competitors in the 2012 Hot Rod Drag Week competition. Competitors in the Unlimited class routinely bring 2000+ hp to the party, with the top two contenders for the title producing an estimated 2400 and 2500 hp, respectively.

Hot Rod Drag Week has 14 different classes for every level of modification and competition, but all eyes are on the unlimited class, where Drag Week veteran Larry Larson has won the event the past four consecutive years. His 1966 Chevy Nova comes packing a 565 cubic-inch twin-turbocharged V-8 producing approximately 2400 hp, good for consistent 7-second passes over 200 mph.

But Drag Week competitor Jeff Lutz is bringing the heat with his 1957 Chevy with a 634 cubic-inch twin-turbocharged Chevy big block V-8 producing in the neighborhood of 2500 hp. And adding a little controversy to the event, Dave Ahokas brought his 1968 Chevy Camaro with a twin-turbo Dart small-block. Why so controversial? Because his Camaro is a non-stock racing body, compared to Larson and Lutz's cars, which are based on factory bodies.

First day competition at Tulsa Speedway ended with Larson in first with a 6.941 second run, followed by Tom Bailey with a 7.108 run, and Jeff Lutz posting a 7.168 run. Larson won the first two events, but Lutz took first on the third day in Louisiana, and the fourth day in Memphis. On the final day of Hot Rod Drag Week competition back at Tulsa, Larson took first place by less than a hundredth of a second, securing an overall victory for the event, and giving him a fifth consecutive victory in Drag Week.

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