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Finally, There’s a Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4² We Can All Afford

Limited edition of 463 in eight colors

Ed TahaneyWriter

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is a super badass ride. When we get one in the office—like the recent visit by the Incredible Hulk— there's plenty of jockeying among the staff to take it out for an off-road adventure. Or at least a tony shopping excursion to Beverly Hills.

Mercedes-Benz now offers a limited edition of the G500 4x4² in eight awesome shades, including our latest favorite, "Alien Green."

To make it affordable for all budgets, the off-road icon has been scaled down to 1:18, but is still sure to make fine addition to anyone's collection.

Aside from the green, Mercedes' G500 4x4² is also available in diamond white, electric beam, tektite gray, Mauritius blue, sunset beam, tomato red, and galactic beam.

The G500's internal model code is W463, so there are 463 copies of every color, says Mercedes-Benz.

Model car specialist GT spirit will manufacture the exclusive resin miniatures. Each will include a limited edition number on the bottom of each car.

Mercedes-Benz gave the original design data to GT Spirit for this limited run, so the level of detail is very high.

Each miniature G-Wagen is made from 100 parts and outfitted with a number of special equipment bits, says the maker.

Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but we are sure if won't cost you as much as an original. We hope.

To get a limited edition extreme G model car, visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealerships or you can shop online at shop.mercedes-benz.com.