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Byton Autonomous Electric Concept is CES Bound

EV startup's plan calls for production in China

Byton, a startup based in Santa Clara, California, will show its concept for an autonomous electric vehicle at this year's CES show. The startup calls its all-electric vehicle a smart device that's geared toward ridesharing and smart mobility.

Byton says the goal with this concept was to improve the human-vehicle interaction, and expand it to all occupants, not just the driver. Some key features include multiple screens and a dashboard dominated by a Shared Experience Display that allows content to be shared with passengers.

In addition to interacting with the car via voice and touch controls, Byton's all-electric concept car features what it calls Air Touch sensors that allow passengers to control the main display with hand gestures.

To improve the infotainment experience, Byton has added what it calls the Life Cloud Platform, which enables the driver and passengers to connect apps and mobile devices to the car. It also personalizes the car's settings based on the driver's preferences.

The car uses a security system with cameras that have facial recognition to unlock the vehicle. LED lights inside and outside the car can also be configured to suit different moods and driving situations.

Byton says it will manufacture its autonomous electric vehicle in its plant in Nanjing, China. The Chinese market will be the first to receive the car when it goes on sale there in 2019 followed by the U.S. and Europe in 2020. Following its first vehicle, Byton also plans to produce a sedan and a utility vehicle using the same platform.