EDITORS NOTEBOOK: 2008 Nissan Frontier Nismo 4×4

Read Rusty Blackwell’s comments on driving the 2008 Nissan Frontier Nismo 4×4.

I’ve always had a soft spot for small pickups, and the Frontier is probably my favorite of the current bunch. This particular one, with the Nismo package and four-wheel drive, is a bit pricey at about $27K, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another “small” new pickup that’s as fun to drive (in a small-truck way) and tough-looking as this one. The six-speed manual is pretty ropy, but at least it’s offered. The six-cylinder engine is pretty powerful, and it accelerates surprisingly hard once you’ve shifted into 2nd gear. The back seat is tiny … very much like sitting in the back seat of a Porsche 911 (yes, I can sort of almost fit; I am that small), but with more head and elbow room and much easier entry. I adore the sliding rear window, but I’d give up sliding rear windows forever just for a chance to test this truck on an off-road circuit like the one I experienced recently at the Jeep Jamboree in Virginia.

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