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Dream Theater: Colorado Orange 1972 BMW 2002 Touring

Falling in love with a car’s color

People pick cars for a variety of reason. Sometimes it's the history of the particular model or brand, the engineering, the performance, or the styling. In the case of Gilles Dicham's 1972 BMW 2002 Touring, it was the color of the car that drew him in. On the newest episode of Petrolicious, the team takes a look at Dicham's BMW and his eclectic collection.

Like most enthusiasts, he got his first taste of the culture at a young age. While growing up in France, he often rode in his mother's Volkswagen Golf GTI and his father's Audi and Porsches. When he became old enough to drive, Dicham made sure his first car was as interesting as those from his childhood, picking up a Panhard coupe in tribute to his grandfather, who worked at the automaker.

After spending some time around some friends who were BMW devotees, he came across the Colorado Orange 1972 BMW 2002 Touring he owns today. It wasn't the styling or the model or the engine power that dragged him in but the color.

Since adding the little Bimmer to his collection, he can't let it out of his grasp. The sharp paint really pops, especially when parked next to his dusty collection of French oddities.

Check out the newest episode of Petrolicious in the video below.