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Dodge Viper Driver Shows Off, Quickly Pays the Price

Watch a Viper driver pretend he’s Pastor Maldonado.

Is it the horsepower, the color, the constant stares, the iPhone pictures, or the public goading to show off that makes so many relatively intelligent human beings become absolute morons when they get behind the wheel of a sports car? We're not sure. We just know that a disproportionate number of these individuals have a habit of becoming petulant three-year olds with the coordination of a drunk twenty-something when they see someone pull out their camera, as evidenced by the constant stream of videos coming out of car shows around the planet.

However, in the most recent blunder, the person behind the camera looks already on the highway when a pearlescent green Dodge Viper GTS pulls up beside him. The driver of the Viper GTS immediately is aware they are on camera, and does what so many other sports-car drivers do when they know they're on camera: Act like a complete buffoon.

The driver of the Viper revs the monstrous V-10 engine and drops the clutch. The rear tires break loose, and the driver careens off the highway before you can say "power oversteer. " Hopefully, on the trip into the highway's retaining wall, the driver of the Viper didn't take out any other cars or pedestrians.

This clip serves, above all, as a good reminder to be sensible when on the roads. We understand that you've seen the "Fast and the Furious" franchise and watched every single Formula D drifting event, and have enough money to purchase whatever sports car you'd like. That doesn't mean you should put other people's lives at risk because you want to show off for the camera. So think, decide what you're going to do, then just stop right then and there. It's not worth it.

Take a look at the Dodge Viper's mistake in the video below.

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