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Dodge Dart Gets Added to the Wedding Wish List

After the butterflies in the stomach, getting down on one knee, and dancing and smooching in the moonlight comes the hard reality of wedding planning. Which for most couples includes a gift registry, and going through the store with the obligatory barcode scanner to select the appliances, bed sheets and cookware of the couples' choice. But Dodge wants couples (and presumably, individuals with a lot of generous friends) to think bigger, a lot bigger.

But unlike a traditional gift registry, where guests purchase whole items on a gift list, friends and family can fractionally fund different parts of a Dodge Dart, such as the wheels, engine, hood, or individual options. Wishes or needs for the dream Dart can be communicated via Facebook or Twitter.

The Dodge Dart Registry is powered by RocketHub, a crowdfunding platform. Individuals or couples can register themselves on www.dodgedartregistry.com. Although the concept may seem far-fetched, a couple with a wedding party of 200, where each guest gave $100 could come up with $20,000, which would pay for the bulk of a well-equipped Dart.

The campaign was kicked off today with a 30-second ad during the NFC Championship game, which can be seen below.

Source: Chrysler