Delta Motorsport Debuts 150-MPH Electric Sports Car

There’s yet another new player in the electric sports-car game: The Delta E-4 Coupé. Introduced this week by British engineering consultancy Delta Motorsport, the sports coupe boasts seriously impressive performance figures. Five demonstration cars have been built so far.

According to Delta Motorsport, the E-4 can hit 60 mph in less than five seconds, reach 150 mph, and cover up to 200 miles per charge. The range and acceleration numbers are about on par with those of the Tesla Roadster, although the Tesla can only muster a 125-mph terminal velocity. (That’s assuming, of course, that Delta Motorsport’s predictions hold true in real-world use.)

The key to the E-4’s performance is said to be low weight and a slippery aerodynamic shape. It’s built on a carbon composite chassis weighing 187 pounds, which Delta Motorsport says will pass European crash tests. It has electric motors designed jointly with Oxford University and Oxford YASA Motors, which are said to produce “well over” 120 hp and 444 lb-ft of torque. The batteries are mounted below the floor to keep the center of gravity low.

Though the E-4’s profile looks like a stretched Honda CR-Z, the front end is clearly inspired by that of the Tesla Roadster. Little else has been revealed about the car, meaning we don’t know what type of battery chemistry is used, how many seats are inside, or even the E-4’s chances of reaching volume production. Our advice? Don’t write a deposit check quite yet.

Source: Delta Motorsport