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Tokyo Lawyer Commutes in a Freaking McLaren P1

When you have a McLaren, why not daily it?

McLaren's P1 hypercar is an outrageously capable machine. Its twin-turbocharged hybrid V-8 engine develops 903 horsepower and will launch to 62 mph in under 3 seconds. It's made of exotic materials like carbon fiber and titanium, and will smoke all but an elite handful of cars on any circuit in the world. Suffice it to say, the McLaren P1 deserves its hypercar moniker.

However, as McLaren was indeed hellbent on creating the ultimate in performance, it made an effort to maintain some semblance of a usable road car. McLaren had to build something that was comfortable enough for the occasional road trip or commute, but the company knew damn well its customers weren't planning on daily driving a $1.15 million car. Either way, the 903-hp British powerhouse is apparently cozy enough for one owner, who daily drives the P1 even in one of the busiest cities on the planet.

Tokyo isn't known for its fantastic city driving, but rather its amazingly efficient public transportation. Many don't drive as a result, but for Hiramatsu, a lawyer who works in Tokyo, he enjoys the daily slog in his fabulous green P1. "I bought the McLaren P1 last year, rather the year before that, around June. Prior to that, about a year before, I bought a 650S and since then I've had a McLaren. The route I take is along the Metropolitan Expressway No.2. It's an empty road with lots of curves, and one of my great pleasures is that I can let loose a bit," says Hiramatsu.

Hiramatsu's satisfaction with the P1 day in and day out has to be a flattering for McLaren's engineers, and we hope that more McLaren P1s are daily driven. It would mean that these cars are being enjoyed, rather than collecting dust in a crowded garage.

Hey Hiramatsu--why don't you let us try out the P1 for a bit and daily it in Los Angeles traffic? Sushi's on us.