CX-Next: Photos Leaked of Mazda’s New Compact SUV Coming to Geneva

Zach Galewriter

As the Geneva show approaches, expect more leaked show car images like this one. Most likely the Minagi concept from Mazda, the SUV will slot into Mazda's lineup as the new CX-5 or CX-7.

Clearly influenced by Mazda's new design language, the Minagi SUV loses the smiling grille that has defined the lineup for a few years now. Not too long ago, prototypes of the CX-5 were caught winter testing. Adding a CX-5 to the U.S. Mazda lineup could help the automaker reach buyers who want a crossover with a base price of under $20,000. The Tribute and CX-7 both feature base prices above that barrier.

Mazda hasn't confirmed that the leaked content is genuine, but even if this isn't the CX-5, 2012 will be the sixth model year for the CX-7, a crossover in need of an update soon.

Source: Autocar

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