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One In Four Bentleys Sold Delivered In China

It is apparent the Chinese love their Bentleys. By 2010, the country had already become the marque's third-largest market in the world; Bentley had only been selling its vehicles there since 2002. The company's success in China shows no signs of slowing down, as the Asian country is poised to overtake Bentley's home market in 2011.

China outsold the United Kingdom for the very first time just four months into 2011, allowing the market to become the company's second most important market after the United States. According to Bentley, one in four cars is delivered to a Chinese customer.

Bentley sold a record 396 vehicles in China during the first quarter of this year, increasing sales by 66 percent compared to last 2010. Just under 1000 cars were sold in China last year, which was impressive, considering that was double 2009's total. Sales this year are estimated at 1500 units.

The British automaker recognized its success with the country as early as last year, launching two special edition Continental models exclusively for the Chinese market: the Continental GT Design Series China and the Continental Flying Spur Speed China.

The arrival of the new Continental GT and new Mulsanne models may cause Chinese numbers to skyrocket even more, and large order books prove the models are quickly gaining a large fan base around the world.

Bentley anticipates more growth with the new additions, and plans to expand its Chinese dealer network by 33 percent by the end of the year.

Source: Bentley



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