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Chicago 2012: Nissan Launches "Project 370Z" Facebook Campaign

To celebrate the debut of the re-worked 2013 370Z, Nissan today announced at the Chicago auto show its new "Project 370Z" Facebook campaign. With Project 370Z, Nissan will allow its Facebook fans to crowd-source a special one-off track-ready 370Z using off-the-shelf performance parts, and accessories.

Nissan's goal with Project 370Z isn't to create an all-out monster like the Juke-R, but rather to utilize input from its fans to create a unique 370Z that it can show off to enthusiasts around the country. Using readily-available aftermarket parts also has the added bonus of allowing fans to recreate the 370Z on their own.

The Nissan Project 370Z will be built in four different phases, and fans will vote at each stage on what parts the 370Z should get. The four phases are power, handling/brakes, interior, and exterior, and at each phase Nissan Performance Facebook fans will vote with comments, likes, and wall posts as to which part or accessory will be put on the 370Z. For example, at the power stage fans can vote on whether the car stays naturally aspirated, or gets some extra boost via a turbocharger or supercharger. Then they can pick which specific part Nissan puts on the 370Z. The process will then continue for the handling/brakes phase where fans can vote on what kind of brakes and tires the car gets, and so on and so forth.

Nissan says that fans will be able to participate in every step of the crowd-sourced project, leading up to its debut in May at the annual ZDayZ gathering in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. Nissan says that Project 370Z will see tons of track time, and be displayed at shows all over the country, including SEMA in November. You can check out Project 370Z at Nissan Performance's Facebook page here.

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Source: Nissan